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Nesh Outdoor Filter

    Super high and Queen for housing types used (Landed – Double Storey, Triple Storey, Villa etc), the King Model is for industry, Factory or Shoplot used.   We are using the membrane technology 0.01 Micron, it can filter the virus, bacteria, heavy metal and mud as well as big particle as the colour of the ink. The membrane is 1000 times finest than sand and canvas filter technologies.   Our Kidney won’t spoil is due to every day we release the waste that unwanted from our body. So this filter membrane technology is 0.01 Micron just similar to our skin or kidney.      From the picture above show that the black link is disappeared after pass through the hollow fibre membrane 0.01 Micron.   This is the membrane technology function (Magnifying 100k times) As water only flows in one way or one direction, if we are doing the backwash, the water must reverse back to the surface of the hollow fibre membrane 0.01 Micron. Nesh Membrane Super High (Manual) The Super High Model (Manual) only co

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